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We constantly supply new products to the market by merging functionality and design.
The products manufactured and sold by our company can be largely divided into two categories: goods for general use and goods for industrial use.
In either category, we have created items which have never before existed in the market based on bold and unique ideas and excellent specialty technology.
We will approach even products made with conventional technology from a new angle, and propose craftsmanship that will give shape to novel and easy-to-use designs.
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  KB-620 PRO Faucet Brush
  KB-621 PRO Drain and Sink Brush
  KB-622 PRO Dish Strainer Basket Brush
  KB-623 PRO Grill Wire Brush
  KB-624 PRO Scorch Stain Brush
  KB-625 PRO IH and Glass Top Stove Brush
  KB-626 PRO Fan Brush
  KB-760 PRO Sink Scrubber with Hanger
  KB-762 PRO Rust and Scorch Stain Scrubber with Hanger
  KB-763 Sink Scrubber with Hanger replacement
  KB-765 Rust and Scorch Stain Scrubber with Hanger replacement
  KB-774 PRO Baking Soda Sheet
  KB-775 PRO Glass Top Scrubber with Hanger
  KB-780 PRO Drain Port Brush
  KB-783 PRO Stove Brush
  KB-787 PRO Standing Pot and Frypan Brush
  KB-796 PRO Sodium Sesquicarbonate Sheet
  KF-015 PRO Sink Cloth
  KF-016 Oil Stains Cloth
  KB-420 Drain Brush
  KB-421 Hanging brush
  KB-757 Color Sink Scrubber with Hanger
  KB-441 Grill Scouring Pad
  KB-442 Folding Drain Brush
  KB-511 Sudsing Cleaner x 2
  KB-512 Acrylic Cleaner x 2
  KB-906 Printed dinner towels x 3
  KB-907 Non-woven printed towels x 8
  HS-203 Faucet Net Sponge
  HG-001 Stick Corner Brush
  HG-004 Stick Brush for Rust and Scorch Stain Removal
  HG-009 Stick Type Grill Scouring
  HB-004 Small Brush
  HB-005 Small Scrubbing Brush with Scraper
  HB-006 Stainless Steel Scouring Pad with Sponge
  HB-007 Metallic Scouring Pad with Long Handle
  HB-012 Pour Spout Brush & Stick
  HB-013 Stainless Steel Scouring Pad with Handle
  HB-014 Shape-Retaining Stainless Steel Scouring Pad x 2
  HG-303 Stick Cleaners for Sink Area x 2
  ・HG-305 Baking Soda Sticks x 3
  HS-211 Baking Soda and Rubber Power (Kitchen Area)

  KB-761 PRO Pot and Pan Scrubber with Hanger
  KB-764 Pot and Frypan Scrubber with Hanger replacement
  KB-787 PRO Standing Pot and Frypan Brush
  KB-788 PRO Standing Scraper
  KB-789 PRO Standing Blender Brush
  KB-790 PRO Storage Container Groove Brush
  KB-791 PRO Standing Kitchen Tool Brush
  KB-792 PRO Standing Grill and Roasting Tray Brush
  KB-782 PRO Chopping Board and Colander Brush
  KB-793 PRO Chopping board and Colander Brush
  KB-781 PRO Pour Spout Brushes
  KB-794 PRO Wiping Stick
  KB-795 PRO Scrubbing Stick
  KF-017 Electrical Appliance Cloth
  KB-755 Color Pouring Spout Brush
  KB-600 Food Container Brush
  KB-601 Food Container Sponge
  KB-602 Groove stick
  KB-603 Food Container Inner Plug Cleaner Set
  KB-604 Food Container Bottom Cleaning Set
  KB-605 Obento Box Sponge
  KB-802 Cup and Thermos Folding Brush
  KB-805 Personal Thermos Bottle Brush
  KB-807 Thermos Inner Plug Cleaning Set
  KB-88 Rotating Brush for Tall Bottles
  KB-811 Large Bottle Cleaner
  KB-812 Bottle Brush Slim
  KB-813 Extendable Brush for Bottle Cleaning
  KB-815 Extendable Sudsing Brush for Bottle Cleaning
  KB-814 Sandwich cup cleaner
  KB-430 Cup and Bottle Sudsing Brush
  KB-431 Cup and Bottle Cleaner Using Water Alone
  KB-445 Fine Sudsing Net Sponge
  KB-446 Fine Sudsing Net Sponge Mini
  KB-447 Fine Eco Net Sponge
  KB-448 Fine Hard Net Sponge
  KB-449 Fine W Net Sponge
  KB-439 Stainless Steel Sudsing Scouring Pad
  KB-440 Small Brush with Pinpoint-Cleaning
  KB-443 Pour Spout Brush x 3
  KB-444 Baking Soda Sheets x 6
  HB-405 Corner Cleaning Set
  HG-304 Thermos Inner Plug Cleaning Sticks x 2

  BS-225 Hand Fitting Cleaning Pad
  BS-226 Hand Fitting Cleaning Pad
  BS-216 Bathtub Drain Brush
  BS-217 Bathroom Scrubbing Set
  BS-218 Bathroom Wiping Set
  BS-219 Showerhead Hole Brush
  BS-220 Standing Bathroom Corner Brush
  BS-221 Standing Bathroom Rolling Brush
  BS-222 Bathtub Wash Cloth
  BS-223 Fine Suds Bath Sponge
  BS-224 Fine Eco Bath Sponge
  BS-227 Fine Toothed Bath Sponge
  HG-306 Showerhead Perforation Brush
  HS-212 The Power of Baking Soda and Rubber (Bathroom Sink and Bathtub Area)

  TS-002 Cleaner Using Water Alone, holder included
  TS-011 Under the Rim Brush, holder included
  TS-301 Washlet Nozzle Cleaning Brush, holder included
  TS-005 Cloth for Narrow Areas. 7 piece set
  TS-006 Corner Sponge. 7 piece set
  HT-006 Corner Grime Remover

Living etc.
  LB-310 Hand Fitting Window Screen Cleaner

House Electric Appliances
  LB-307 Electrical Fan Cleaner
  LB-308 Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Brush
  LB-309 Filter Brush BL

Baby goods
  AB-550 Upright Standing Sponge for Plastic Baby Bottles
  AB-551 Upright Standing Brush for Glass Baby Bottles
  AB-17 Upright Standing Washer for Baby Bottle Tops
  AB-14 Curved Tip Baby Bottle Brush
  AB-15 Bristle Tip Baby Bottle Brush
  AB-16 Sponge Type Baby Bottle Brush
  AB-506 Powerful Net Sponge Brush for Baby Bottles
  AB-507 Powerful Nylon Brush for Baby Bottles
  AB-530 Mug Brush Set
  AS-801 Straw Training
  AS-802 Straw Training for Wide Bottles
  AS-800 Heart Straw for Easy Drinking
  AB-44 Shoe Brush
  AB-55 Baby Bath Sponge
  AB-59 Bath Mat for Babies

Tel +81-743-55-2511
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