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Development and Technology

We are committed to make quality products, considering them to be “works” of craftsmanship.
作業   工具
Mameita’s strength is none other than the creation and proposal of unique products.
We renew traditional products by changing details or adding color variations,
as well as conceive of new products including functions and materials from scratch.
We differentiate ourselves from the competition by enhancing the added value of our products, and develop and propose original Mameita products.
Products designed to meet specific needs often do not have widespread appeal as they stand out for being original.
However, they are favored as cleaning tools over the long-term by our customers.
In recent years, as product life becomes increasingly shorter,
we have firm faith that our products will remain long-sellers.
There have been many cases in which the product groups created through our unique technology are appropriate candidates for patenting.
In actual fact, our company has thus far acquired the patents for a number of our products.
Presently, however, we are devoted entirely to improving product functionality and acquiring patents has become of secondary importance to us.
For example, in the case of a brush, its ability to clean off grime is our top priority,
and a patent is something that may result later on.
Our business stance is to go back to the basics, which includes proposing how best to use our products, and this has been widely supported by our customers.
We believe that at the production stage, “a correct product is not a good product.
A truly good product is not simply a product, but a work of craftsmanship.”
We will never ship products which are even slightly scratched or soiled,
irrespective of whether a product is costly or inexpensive.
This also applies to parts which are not visible.
Continuing to provide reliable products (works of craftsmanship) goes hand-in-hand with cultivating trust.
A diversity of customers come to us about their particular products needs. We continue to hone our development and technology and enhance our production system so that we can respond reliably to each new requirement.
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